4 Different Types of Casino Bonus

The world of online casinos can appear difficult to follow or risky to the new player. Once you’ve decided which platform to gamble on and for how much, you want to think about bonuses. Fortunately, casino bonuses are quite simple and straight forward. Even better, most online casinos offer bonuses for simply registering. In this article, we’re going to look at four different types of bonuses to watch out for and take advantage of.

No Deposit Bonus

This bonus is designed for players to have the opportunity to gamble online without risking any money themselves. It’s probably the most popular of all bonuses. After all, what’s better than gambling at a trusted online casino Malaysia with free money?

The no deposit bonuses are brilliant to rope new players in but there are terms and conditions. You think online casinos will just hand over free money? Players need to meet the wagering requirement set by the online casino before being eligible for a withdrawal. This is likely to be a high amount too and you can’t play on low edge casino games like blackjack.

Free Spins

The free spins bonus seems to be the “in” way of bringing in new customers. Players get X number of free spins when you register with them. Even more impressive is the fact some online casinos even have no wagering requirements. This is practically unheard of in the past and is one of the reasons why free spins is popular among online gamblers.

Matched Deposit Bonus

Just like what it says on the tin, the matched deposit bonus rewards players who sign up and deposit by equalling their deposit with a bonus. This capped at a certain figure but it’s a generous way of rewarding new customers.

The best thing about this bonus is that it’s not exclusively for new players. Many online casinos will extend this bonus to existing players. This is great if you’re familiar and experienced with one platform.

Refer a Friend

These bonuses are not as common as in the past but there are still some online casinos that offer this. It’s brilliant if you have friends who enjoy gambling, you usually give them your email or a code and when they deposit funds, you get a bonus. The online casinos used to love this bonus as it meant gaining customers without advertising. However, this type of bonus is rare in the 2020s.


There we have it, four casino bonuses everyone should watch out for. Provided you read the terms and conditions and keep track, you can potentially do well from bonuses. Stick to the games you know and on trusted platforms that accept the right banking methods, and you’re good to go.